20 Reasons Why I Love Girl Power (and you should too)

by Carletta S. Hurt, PhD/EdD
Publication Date: Fall 2024
Teaser Release: Summer 2024 (June/July)

20 Reasons Why I Love Girl Power (and you should too) is the first in a series of books by new author, Dr. Carletta S. Hurt, designed to recognize the power in girls. It is a compilation of words that she has found and seen that exude “girl power”. It harnesses the top 20 reasons girls are amazing individuals and why we must take time to celebrate, encourage, and uplift them.

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Here are some excerpts from submissions:

“Back then people thought women were not very strong. Well they were WRONG! I mean come on guys really? I am pretty sure we also were not allowed to vote. Then one girl said enough I want to vote and BOOM what can we do now.”McKenzie K.

yasminearringtonheadshot“When I think of the term “girl power” and the many positive implications it has, immediately a James Brown song comes to mind where the hook says, “This is a man’s world, this is a man’s world…but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl.” We as girls have the power to inspire males and females alike. When girls work together and even work to help the men in their lives reach their goals, everyone is better for it.We tap into our “girl power” to encourage and re-energize one another, whether we are together or far away. Girl power is a beautiful gift! It has the power to inspire—to change and save lives.”Yasmine A.

jetuannew“Every day is a process. There are some days that I don’t believe in my power at all. When those days greet me, I go back and look at the things that I’ve done. Your life is concrete evidence of the power that you possess. I think of all the things that I have done , all the people that I have helped, and the obstacles that I have overcome.

I AM power personified.

So are you.

Together we are unstoppable.”Je Tuan J.

Twislie B.“Girl power is community, an entity that unites

Girl power is belonging; being part of society and playing numerous roles in it

Girl power does not suppress but seeks equality”Twisile B.

Alexcia's Photo“I feel the most powerful when I look back on 2014 when I was diagnosed with and underwent chemotherapy for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.I am now back in school as a Business Major, I have gotten back to my old self, and I am stronger than before. I’m a survivor, and each time I go to the doctor, and find out that I am still doing great, I feel like a fighter! I feel Powerful, I am Powerful!”Alexcia P.


dear future self
“Dear Future Self” – Anna Hess – 8th grader

Jennah Hilbert and Elise Henderson — 7th graders


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