Girl Power.

We’ve all heard it before. Maybe you’ve even said it a few times, with a raised fist and a tone filled with fiery independence. But, what does “girl power” really mean to you? And, how are you paying it forward to the next generation? We’ve partnered with IKAM Productions to bring you the documentary, X Marks the Spot. This project will showcase what “girl power” means to young women around the world by listening to their voices.

In this documentary, you’ll hear from a diverse group of girls about what it means to be powerful, unique and confident in today’s culture of instant gratification and sometimes, hurtful online comments. We’ll hear from the girls about the famous women they admire for their power. They’ll tell us what makes them proud to be a girl. Plus, we’ll get insight about why they think girl power is so universal. We will also hear from some prominent women in the girl power movement dedicated to engaging, empowering, and educating girls.

X Marks the Spot is a movement. We are passionate about building a collection of voices charged with bringing energy, enthusiasm, and excitement around all that makes girls powerful.

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