Poetry and Sidewalks

It’s National Poetry Month! I find myself writing a little bit here and there – nothing really serious. Booked for Review, a subset of my company, IN THE LOOP Program of Success, is hosting a Haiku Challenge. For the entire month of April, each day will feature a Haiku poem. Check it out! Here’s my […]

My Word for the Year – Preparing for 2018

My word for the year is preparedness. Yes, I am going to focus my energy on making sure I am prepared and ready so that when opportunities arise – I am ready! Definition: preparedness (noun) a state of readiness, especially for victory. (I changed the last word from war to victory because that’s what I […]

Carle’s Crew

In about 4 months (a little over 120 days), it will be 2 years into my decade of 40. A few months before the big 40, I made a list of goals to accomplish before the big 50. One of my goals was to pour into girls and young women the energy, guidance, strength, skill, […]

Body Confidence

From Taylor Swift, Gabourey Sidibe, Beyonce, Kelly Clarkston, Raven Goodwin, Willow Smith, Selena Gomez, Melissa McCarthy, and everyone in between – our bodies are different. That difference is what makes us beautiful, confident and unique. Do you have body confidence? What is body confidence? Body confidence is being comfortable with the body you have NOW, […]

Teen Days of Summer: Blossoming into You

The summer is a chance for girls to be free with some time away from the confines of school and embrace the openness of the summer. The sun is shining, the weather is nice, and there is a sweet smell in the air. As flowers bloom, their color opens up a garden, room, or office. […]

Wonder Woman: Fight Like a Girl

Depending on your chronological age, you remember Lynda Carter doing it on network television…oh, and by doing it I mean taking on bad guys with bracelets, a headband, and a really long belt aka the lasso of truth (rope). Wonder Woman/Diana Prince was the s*&t! Fast forward to today – Patty Jenkins vision and Gal […]