It’s official. Summer is here! We are well into the time where vacations rule, no school, and sleeping in is the new norm.

What else is there to do? READ! Yes, it’s time to get your read on during some of the extra down time you have over the next month or so.

IN THE LOOP Program of Success in association with Booked for Review are kicking off the reading season with #31DaysofBooks, a celebration of books and the folks that write them. This campaign features authors from all genres sharing one or two of their favorite books along with a brief reason why. In addition, each day that author is giving away one of their personal books.

I love reading and working on writing my first book. So, the #31DaysofBooks is an exciting time for me to get some recommendations and learn about some pretty awesome authors. Some of the authors include: Jacci Turner, Wyjuana Montgomery, Meg Eden, SA Larsen, and Myron Campbell.

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