My Word for the Year – Preparing for 2018

My word for the year is preparedness. Yes, I am going to focus my energy on making sure I am prepared and ready so that when opportunities arise – I am ready!

Definition: preparedness (noun) a state of readiness, especially for victory. (I changed the last word from war to victory because that’s what I am claiming!)

The activity of selecting a word of the year started when my good friend, Tia, sent me a booklet on being intentional about how you move throughout the year. I believe my first word was productivity – that was four years ago.

We typically meet within the first 2 weeks of the year at the Barnes & Noble coffee shop. Sometimes we order food and drinks, most of the time we spend some time catching up and then dive into our words, some action items around the word, and set dates for follow ups.

The first two years we stayed the course for about two months. I know (hangs head in shame)…we barely made it to the end of the first quarter. The last year (2017), we made process for almost six months! Yes, that’s a record for us!

So, this year, we are committed and dedicated to taking our words (and actions) the full year. Twelve months. 52 weeks. They say the third is the charm, well, we say the 4th is the perfect time to get it right!

In closing, I want to challenge you to find your word of the year. This theme/topic will guide how you navigate the landscape of life in 2018. The word can be around your professional or personal goals – just make sure it feels right.

Share if you dare!

Side Note: Merriam’s Dictionary also selects the Word of the Year. Actually, they pick several words. Check it out…way cool!

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