Teen Days of Summer: Blossoming into You

The summer is a chance for girls to be free with some time away from the confines of school and embrace the openness of the summer. The sun is shining, the weather is nice, and there is a sweet smell in the air.

As flowers bloom, their color opens up a garden, room, or office. You are springing into summer blossoms and bringing that air along with you. So, did you ever think about yourself as a flower? Yes, a flower – that is going to blossom into something beautiful. Summer is the perfect time to recognize your inner flower bud and do the things to nurture the soul, spirit, inner being so that your flower buds will remain bright and healthy.

Think about your attitude, behavior, facial expressions, body language and your tone. These are the fertilizers to your flowerbed of life. As a flower needs the right things to grow and bloom, so do you!

Sunflowers are bright, happy, and make everyone smile. This tween will attract all types to her space!

Azaleas are the “royalty of the garden” – yes, the queen if you like. She does require the right type of environment to fully flourish and grow. Azaleas are life long learners.

Irises are strong and can thrive in any environment. She is reliable with divine origins. Irises also attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Pansies are thoughtful. This teen’s blossom comes to life around the arts – taking in various cultures, art forms and languages. Pansies can make beautiful changes from season to season.

Marigolds are caring with a very cheerful and easy going spirit. A popular flower that gives off light wherever she goes.

Asters are very colorful and free flowing with big starry dreams. They are delightful spirits and can fit in anywhere. Asters will attract all types to their spirits!
As you spend time outside with your family, friends or just your thoughts, take some time to stop and notice the flowers around you. Take in how you are going to blossom into the new you this summer. It’s time to find some ways to be fresh, bright and fun for the summer.

Please share with us on Twitter (@ITLPrograms) or Instagram (@intheloopprogram) your flower and how you are blossoming into you this summer (NOW)! Use hashtag #SummerBlossom #ITLCelebrates.

Teen Days posts are on the 3rd week of the month and will include guest blogs from tweens, teens, and their advocates.

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