Wonder Woman: Fight Like a Girl

Depending on your chronological age, you remember Lynda Carter doing it on network television…oh, and by doing it I mean taking on bad guys with bracelets, a headband, and a really long belt aka the lasso of truth (rope). Wonder Woman/Diana Prince was the s*&t!

Fast forward to today – Patty Jenkins vision and Gal Gabot’s awesomeness talent have made the old school fans exceedingly happy and created a new legion of fans for the new generation. The newest DC Comics superhero movie had people in tears…literally.

#FightLikeAGirl – yes, ma’am! We are here for that all day long just ask Diana. While I missed the opening weekend, I’ve filled my spirit by reading the comments, articles, and posts by those who made this happen – Wonder Woman is the first female-fronted superhero blockbuster. SAY WHAT!

Now, let’s jump back to reality and make sure our girls know nothing is impossible. That they will hear no more times than we can truly prepare them, however, there is a YES waiting in the wings.

Our magic bracelets are our brilliant minds, bold spirits, beautiful words, boss lady attributes, boundless passion, and our bodacious inner power. Take me for example, Wonder Woman debut on November 7, 1975. Some 23 days later, I was born on November 30, 1975. Michael Jordan’s basketball number during his reign was 23. Coincidence? I think not! My feet are magic (I can fly you know)! So, I just need to go find my magic bracelets and lasso. There’s a world of girls out there to empower, educate, and engage!

Are you a Wonder Woman?
Do you know a Wonder Woman?
Do you know a Wonder Woman in the making?
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